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Time for Male Contraception

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T4MC: Time for Male Contraception, is the campaign calling for the government to fund more research into creating a broader variety of different methods of male contraception.

Depression, nervousness, and hair loss are just some of the side-effects that can be caused by the female contraceptive pill.

 Since the first contraceptive pill for women in 1950 was introduced, there have been many advancements on the methods of contraception and many different studies into making the internal methods as safe as possible. Nevertheless, the side-effects are very real and unbearable for many women.

 However, research in the progression into the male contraception is incredibly gradual, with the only two available options being condoms and the surgical procedure of a vasectomy.

 With new innovative research from Martin Luther University and the University of Münster in Germany into the ‘Male Contraceptive Jab’ and the 98.4% success rate that it had, it is very easy to believe why researchers in the field are optimistic that there will soon be a safe method for male contraception.

 Although, the studies have flagged problems from the men who took part in this study, as the side affects were unendurable for many. With this said, the study really does show that we are a stones-throw away from making male birth control a reality in this lifetime.

Through T4MC I am hoping to to collect enough signatures for the government to financially support what was once a fantasy, into a reality. 

We are so close, let's make this happen #timeformentoo




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