Stop overloading Farnham's water infrastructure

Stop overloading Farnham's water infrastructure

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Started by Janette Gallini

Residents of North Farnham are concerned that the assessment of the impact of each individual development on the potential for surface water flooding is too limited.

It doesn't take account of the cumulative impacts associated with other on-going, proposed or approved developments on the water table and the springs and underground water courses in the area.

As a result of ever-increasing development in and near areas where we know there are flooding issues, there is a very real possibility of serious surface water flooding risks because they will no longer function as soakaways.

There are similar risks with the sewerage infrastructure which is already acknowledged as being overloaded in Farnham, particularly North Farnham. This causes regular lifting of manhole covers and pollution into the local water courses including in Farnham Park and on Monkton Lane.

At the moment there is no statutory requirement for developers to consult with the sewage providers because a clause to that effect was dropped from the Environment bill when it was enacted. This means that water companies have no powers to refuse a connection to developments even if it potentially overloads their capacity to function.

We ask Jeremy Hunt MP for South West Surrey to do all he can to push for the amendment of government policy to address these concerns.

176 have signed. Let’s get to 200!