Maternity Wards to Support Bottle Feeding Mummies

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I am a first time mum, had an emergency c section in Pinderfields  Hospital, Wakefield West Yorkshire.

I planned to breastfeed my baby but I have not offered any help how to breastfeed my baby with c section. I tried my own way and I made it so painful so I couldn’t be able breastfeed my baby. The only option left was to bottle feed for me which we were not prepared at all, because everything supposed be just fine with my labour. 

First thing I found out that I was not allowed to use the electric supply for the bottle heater in the labour ward I was staying. Neither to able to use steriliser because of health and Safety issues. But what was more upsetting that there was no steriliser or bottle heater offered in the hospital!! 

I was disappointed and with my C Section (remember I ended up having unexpected emergency C Section) I could be able just walk to the tab in agony at the labour ward where totally 8 patience were staying, and rinse the bottles to be able to use again and give my baby cold milk from ready made bottles. Where actually Nurses and Midwifes suppose to be helpful instead of watching me walking in agony and telling me I’m doing so well!!! That was heartbreaking  so much that I wasn’t be able breastfeed my baby but also couldn’t provide him clean and sterilised bottles. And that gave him very bad tummy aches. I believe my son had reflux problem because of no access to any kind of bottle feeding options left me use the used bottles over and over again until my husband brought me new ones again. That was very traumatic experience for me and I believe for many women like me suffered the similar problem.

As the Goverment promised a great financial support to NHS for mental, cancer and labour patience prioritised, I wish to hospitals  in the UK to support bottle feeding mummies and provide them at least a heaters in the wards they stay or allow us to use electric supplies in the wards. Bottle feeding can be preference for women or it can be unexpected choice women like me.

Please join to my campaign to get more support for bottle feed mummies in the hospital while their stay. We give life to the world. It is the of the most special experience women. So please make our stay more relaxing and accessible.


Leyla Wilby 






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