Make training for choking and CPR compulsory in all NHS Neonatal units and antenatal care

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I want to make infant first aid training for choking and CPR compulsory in all NHS Neonatal/Special Care baby units and on all antenatal classes and training programmes. My story below explains why...

Our little girl - Cece made an appearance too early and spent two and a half weeks in the Neonatal Unit at Pinderfields hospital, Wakefield. Before we were discharged the staff on the ward gave us choking and CPR training (something they'd only introduced to all parents a matter of weeks before, but isn't compulsory). I didn't realise at the time that this training would be invaluable.

Cece started with a cough and cold on Friday 1st December 2017 (funnily enough her due date). She got progressively worse and was projectile vomitting her feeds so we took her to A&E on Sunday 3rd December. They diagnosed her with bronchiolitis and in the 9 hours we were there she was feeding little and often so was sent home. She continued to get worse and my husband  and I had decided on the Tuesday night that we'd try to get her an emergency doctors appointment on Wednesday morning or take her back to A&E.

At 5.55am on Wednesday 6th December I went downstairs to warm her some breast milk and heard Cece make a really loud strange sound. I shouted to my husband to check she was ok and he said she was. Within 30 seconds to a minute he was screaming my name. I flew upstairs to discover my poorly baby girl blue and lifeless, she was choking on the mucus she had tried to cough up. Instinct kicked in and I managed to shift the mucus using the resuscitation training we'd been given and then give her mouth to mouth until she was breathing again. My husband had called an ambulance while I did CPR on my baby girl. The ambulance crew took exactly 10 minutes to arrive from the call connecting and by the time they arrived Cece was pinking up and trying to cry.

What we went through was horrendous but it could have been much worse and the doctors have told us if I hadn't done what I did that dreadful morning she wouldn't be here today. So I'm asking you to please please sign this petition and share it far and wide. We need 100,000 signatures to get this raised in parliment. The training saved my daughter's life and it could save your child's too.