Fund IVF consistently for all NOT via a postcode lottery

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If you find yourself unluckily diagnosed with infertility it can be life changing. The dream you had as a child to grow up and have a family of your own suddenly seems out of reach. Whether your body is a daily challenge from the effects of infertility i.e. endometriosis, hormones or your mentally struggling to cope there needs to be help and support out there. It is extremely isolating and you feel no one understands.

I was diagnosed just age 25 with primary ovarian insufficiency. It changed my life, I work as a nanny and have always longed for children of my own. It effected my partner and my family too. My family have watched us go on a long journey which still has no end in sight or any closer to getting a family because there simply isn't the support financially or emotionally out there by the nhs. We could only get one attempt at ivf on the nhs. It sadly didn't work but the pressure was enormous to have all our eggs in one basket. The reality of it working first time isn't that great. It is recommended three attempts of ivf should be the average to give a good chance of success. Even when the nhs funding just 1 attempt there are still additional costs, it feels a "one size fits all" approach. 

My wish and hope is that the nhs consistently fund across the uk three attempts of ivf tailored to each couples individual circumstances. Provide better mental health support for couples struggling with infertility and finally truly acknowledge when your body isn't able to reproduce without medical assistance these couples need help within the nhs