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Allow men the opportunity to stay with their partners after giving birth

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It's been heavily advertised in the media about the inequalities in the rights of men and women; for instance in pay difference.

Advancements have been made in the ways of things like shared paternity leave (only coming into effect in April 2015!)

However, I'm disgusted at the lacking input fathers are able to have at the beginning of their own child's life. I gave birth to my daughter in October 2014. She was born just befor 12 at night and due to a post birth haemorrhage I was moved into a high dependency ward to be closely watched. My husband was allowed to stay the night provided with only a chair resembling those you used at school; a plastic straight upright chair with arms. He had been awake all the night before and was exhausted and whilst a bed was obviously too much to ask the chair provided meant my husband spent most of the night on the floor. 

The following day I was moved to a normal ward, my husband only welcome visiting hours. Am I strange to think that a husband was part of the process and therefore just as responsible for the baby after the birth; as much as the mother? I was exhausted from 3 days of labour, struggling with medical issues, trying to breastfeed and terrified as it was my first baby - they don't come with instructions! I really needed support and with the nurses stretched to breaking point with the NHS issues I was left alone scared with a new person to look after. 

It feels completely Victorian that men aren't included in those precious early few hours / days of their child's life; a time for bonding and support for the mother. Can you believe in my local hospital men could only stay during labour since 2014?!

I understand that some women don't want men around post birth but curtains surround each bed at a hospital and men deserve the same rights to their child and I feel so strongly that I petition men should have the opportunity to spend the same time as the women in hospitals. Maybe with the provision, (given the state of the NHS budget,) the men bring their own put up bed or something as to not strain the budget further. 

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