Alan's Aneurysm Awareness

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My name is Lisa Curtis

I have made this petition on behalf of all aneurysm victims. 

I have been learning about innocent human beings being misdiagnosed or basically fobbed off by the medical profession. Only due to lack of knowledge of this silent killer. People are loosing thier life and families are broken. This only due to lack of information on aneurysm's including accident and emergency. 

On the 16th January my family tragically lost my brother who i raised practically all his life due to unforeseen circumstances. He was a healthy hard working man who turned his life around with my help was let down by the system. He had been to the gp on many occasions bit was told it's only a migraine everytime. Little did we know he was born with an aneurysm. If we knew signs or symptoms or even been aware of aneurysm's he just might be alive today. Now I speak of my brother but with investigation I have learnt a lot from others who also have been victims of this. The survivors of a subarachnoid haemorage their quality of life is very limited. Because they were sent away with a misdiagnosis. I know some can't be stopped but observation is prevention. If we as civilians and medical professions are more aware of this silent killer lives can be saved.

I pleading we get all the signatures we need to have this made public and we all are aware of aneurysm's, subrachnoid haemorrage (sah), arteriovenous malformation (avm), abdominal aortic anuerysm (aaa).

• make m.r.i more available to whom has symptoms that are the same as other illnesses, Make Aneurysm more of a priority in all cases of headaches reported.

• More screening for migraine sufferers

• More training for nurses ,gp's, triage nurses, doctors, opticians and the public in aneurysms as they are more common than stated.

• Headache Clinics specifically for screening, treating and support for who suffers with headaches.

• Advertise warning signs, tv adverts, leaflets 

• Widen the criteria for immediate and extended family to be screened for aneurysm, Avm if only one has been effected not two.

Introduce a aneurysm awareness month or week. This can raise money that can help financially to the needs to detect early and raise awareness of anuerysms.

Request avm screening from birth.


Too many lives are taken or turned upside down due to aneurysm's please can we make a change.

Thank you