Stop 'spam' series-linking 'Games of Thrones' to 'Thronecast'

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Sky have taken it upon themselves to start recording programmes you have not asked to be recorded.

If you record 'Game of Thrones' and set a series-link, it will automatically record 'Thronecast' as well. Without your knowing or say-so.

As you have not chosen to record this programme and are not aware it will record, this can cause a 'clash'. Meaning the programmes you've chosen to record will fail.

This is not just 'spam', it is also interfering with other channels programmes and viewing. This is completely underhand and unfair competition.

If Sky are allowed to carry on doing this, they will soon start doing it to other programmes. Do you want them deciding what you want to record, to the detriment of programmes you've decided to record?

We call upon Sky to stop this unacceptable behaviour, and for Ofcom & Ombudsmen Services to investigate.

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