Reinstate Baroness Hayter

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Baroness Dianne Hayter was sacked by Jeremy Corbyn from her position as Shadow Brexit Minister in the House of Lords. Her offence? Comparing the bunker-like mentality of Corbyn’s Office with that in the last days of the Nazi regime (as depicted in the film ‘Downfall’).

The sacking came less than a week after the Panorama programme which revealed how traumatised some Labour staff members have become, not by comparisons such as Hayter’s but by the interference in the disciplinary process by people close to Corbyn. Labour’s response was reprehensible (see image).

According to Labour, Baroness Hayter was sacked for “comparing the Labour leader and staff to the Nazi regime [which is] truly contemptible and grossly insensitive to Jewish staff." This statement only serves to continue the contemptible gaslighting and apparently deliberate misrepresentation of what is and is not offensive to Jews by the Labour leadership. Instead of listening to the Jewish community representatives about what actually is offensive to them, they appear to have misappropriated Baroness Hayter's support for the Jewish community and used this as yet another opportunity to inflict further damage. Corbyn shows zero sensitivity to antisemitism but is prepared to use it to turn the tables on one of his critics. It is utterly cynical and duplicitous.

The Jewish people and others who sign this petition declare that they did not find Baroness Hayter’s comments at all offensive.

We call for Baroness Hayter to be restored to her Shadow Ministerial position immediately.