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Update the UK voting system.

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The voting system is outdated, unnecessarily time consuming, unnecessarily inaccurate and needs an upgrade to the digital age. 

Consider the simplicity of entering your vote online, having a reciept of delivery via email, having an instant tally of the results. Not only is this going to save hundreds of thousands of pounds on vote counters up and down the country, the environment from cars driving too and from polling stations, but it gives everybody, young, old, able and disabled, to vote quickly and safely. 

Now compare this idea to the current electoral system. You put a pencil cross on a piece of paper. If the vote counter believes the ballot paper to contain a smudge, squiggle, deformed cross, or that the mark is outside the box, the vote is void. If you manage to have your vote counted, it is by a stranger that you, on faith alone, assume accurately counts your vote. You have no reciept of your vote and so have no idea if your vote is one of the thousands that are void, miscounted or misplaced. 

Doesn't democracy demand a fairer, faster and more accurate count. If we can compare the market safely, manage our bank accounts online, there is very little, if any defense that can be made against an upgrade. 

No more recounts, no more lost votes, a fairer system for us all. 

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