Under 25s should be able to drive at night!

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Taking an under 25's right to drive at night once they have already gained the qualification and paid the road tax and insurance to earn the right to is discriminatory and wrong. Nor is it JUST the right to drive at night that would be taken away. It would effect what jobs and hours under 25's can then work unless they pay the extra price of taxi fair, with taxis being the main mode of transport accessible at such times. Or of course we will have the younger generations of society forced into walking to work and social occasions IN THE DARK which is ridiculously unsafe. If under 25's are allowed to work with the responsibilities of peoples lives in their hands such as nurses, fire fighters, police etc then they should be allowed to drive at night. There are too many unfair, discriminatory and unsafe loopholes in this law. Let's STOP it from becoming a reality. Our country has done enough to disadvantage the younger generations by voting in Brexit, don’t let them take this from us as well. Standing up together our collective voice WILL BE HEARD!

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