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To change the law on destruction of an unborn child

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I was assaulted by my ex partner at 17 weeks 3 days pregnant which resulted in the premature rupture of my waters. I never went into labour although was strongly advised to terminate but that was never an option for me and my baby. I was scheduled in for a planned csection on 29th March 2017 on the morning of the operation my baby was checked at 8.30 and then again 9.20 on both occasions she was absolutely fine. I was scanned again at 10.20 because I had Placenta Preva and Stage 4 Placenta Creta so surgeon wanted to see where my placenta was too mark me up for the incision and that's when they told me my baby had gone. I was 29 weeks 3 days pregnant. My beautiful daughter Florrie-Mae was born sleeping later that day on 29th March weighing 2Ibs she was absolutely gorgeous and I already loved this tiny human who had put up one hell of a fight for 12 solid weeks in the womb after her own father injured her. Florrie was born with underdeveloped lungs. Size of peas the doctors said even after steroids, Her lungs were so small and her so big because of fluid that had built up to help protect her tiny heart. She had Potters Syndrome and Tepeles all caused by lack of fluid due to the assault. Her father was arrested and he is been charged with charges I can't discuss at The moment. The Police tried to build a case for Child Destruction and failed because in the eyes of the law my Florrie wasn't classed as a human at the time of the assault even though she didn't die at that time. She died of her injuries as a result of the assault and whether it be that day or 3 months down the line that man is responsible for her death so should be charged with murder or manslaughter. As it stands hes charges are all based on the assault and the outcome but no charges are been brought forward for her death. Disgusting!! Since Florrie's death iv been working closely with the police,Cps etc to get the best outcome for myself and Florrie. Iv done interviews with news crews but can't be released yet as I can then be held in Contempt Of Court (Ironically) Soon as the trial is over the articles will be aired. Not just about Florrie but about Child Destruction and how hard these cases are to prove in a court of Law. No other Act as been enacted to get our babies the justice they so deserve and that's what I aim to do with Florrie's Law, I aim to put a legislation in place or change the legislation of the Child Destruction Act 1929 which refers to the back street abortions that used to take place. I would also like to see a change in the Law as babies before 24 weeks are classed as unviable embryos and in "them cases" higher assault charges should be brought forward against the perpetrator because as a result of the attack the outcome is very serious, My baby and many others have been let down by the system massively. How can these babies go unrecognised at any gestation? Of course their humans and should have human rights. Their living, breathing beings and if I will fight with every breath in my body for the babies for the future xx

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