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Theresa May and her Conservative government is entirely out of touch with the British people, this has culminated into ongoing protests against the way she has conducted herself in response to the devastating fire at Grenfell Towers in Kensington. the prime minister has snubbed the families, victims and survivors by not attending to their immediate needs and meeting with them after the nightmare they suffered. Not to mention a local conservative council which consistently ignored the voices of the residents of Grenfell Tower after they raised a number of legitimate safety concerns about the conditions in which they lived. 

We feel the residents of that community in Kensington were ignored simply because they are poor and marginalised in society, we demand a change to this culture and "we cannot trust those in charge of the problem to be in charge of the solution". 

Social Landlords and Housing Associations are "exempt" by legislation from licencing and regulation which could have saved lives.

The blood of this appalling tragedy in on the hands of the Local Authority and The Government

We therefore call for the Prime Minister's resignation with immediate effect..