The resignation of Councillor Walls

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We the undersigned call upon Labour Councillor David Walls (Newsham, Blyth) to resign.

This follows the publication of screen shots of the councillor’s social media activity which demonstrate that David Walls is inappropriate to represent the people of Newsham.

Councillor Walls’ Facebook activity includes:
-mocking a Muslim lady’s wearing of the hijab (as required by her religion)

-Offensive remarks about refugees, asylum seekers and benefit claimants

-Defamatory remarks about opposition parties including threats

-Comparing Dianne Abbott to the rear end of a horse

-Posting/sharing antisemitic quotes. 

-Derogatory posts and opinions towards women. 


We also call upon the following people to make a public statement condemning Walls’ views and distancing the party from his hateful remarks.
-Jeremy Corbyn MP, leader of the Labour Party
-Ian Lavery MP, chairman of the Labour Party
-Councillor Grant Davey, leader of the Labour Party in Northumberland

It has been mentioned that these posts, remarks ect have been reported previously which the Labour Party have endorsed and said anything he posts on his Facebook profile is up to him... how can we allow a man with these ideas and opinions to run for Ward councillor??

Regardless of political party these are out of line, irresponsible and disgusting. 

How can the Labour Party in Northumberland will stand a chance of recovering if it continues to endorse this hateful man and his views??

These views certainly do not represent the views and thoughts of the people of Newsham or of Blyth.