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Suspend George Osborne from being Editor of the ES until after the elections!

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It seems to me to be too well timed for a snap election that a Senior Conservative MP has become the editor of a free newspaper handed out to millions of members of the public.

For a fair and democratic leadership race and campaign I feel it is extremely unfair that a recently ex Tory MP can have free reign of a whole free newspaper to publish completely misleading statements particularly on a front page following Labour's manifesto!

George Osborne may argue that he is un-biased but unlike an ordinary Tory supporter writing for a newspaper, he was Chancellor of the Exchequer for the Tory lead government! This I believe compromises his position to carry out his duty as editor particularly at such a crucial time in his party's history.

A recent headline "Comrade Corbyn Flies Red Flag" couldn't be more clear of his impartial incompetence, along with his use of words like "riad on the better off" suggesting some kind of robbery and clear misinterpretation of the actual manifesto pledges! It is clear in my opinion if not blatantly obvious that he is or would be in the position to use this role as free press to aid the Tory Campaign.

I understand that all newspapers are biased in some way of another and I don't care if he is re-instated after the elections, but I believe prior to the elections this man should be suspended from his role as editor until after the elections in particular for this blatant use of propaganda! I can't believe this has even been allowed to go on unquestioned!?

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