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Stop my parents from paying to fix my brothers iPhone 6 for a 4th time.

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Today is the day. This is the day where I have had enough. My 14-year-old brother has just called my mum saying that his phone is not working. He claimed that the phone was just randomly starting to glitch and that he is unable to use it. This is the 4th, maybe 5th time that he has broken it now (maybe even 6th I cannot keep count) and every time he breaks his phone my parents pay for it to be fixed. They have probably spent more money fixing the phone, then the original price of the iPhone 6.

This time he has broken his phone big time, now he isn't able to just get a screen replacement, he has to get a new phone all together. Listen, I understand that he is only 14 and he hasn't got a job, but if I was to break my phone, my parents would make me pay for it to be fixed. It's not fair. He isn't learning a lesson if my parents just give him a new phone straight away. He is especially not leaning a lesson when they are fixing his iPhone every 5 minutes. 

I propose that my brother is forced to get a nokia and to stop my parents from buying him a new phone until my brother pays for a new one himself. He has been helping out with gardening recently and been recieving money from it, plus it is his birthday in august so he could always pay for a new one with that money. 

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