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An open letter to Jeremy Corbyn: Labour Party.

Dear Mr Corbyn,

As graduates of 2017, we would like to be included, and not excluded, when you pledge your manifesto is 'for the many not the few' and relinquish our current student debt if you are elected this year on June 8th.

After all, it was the Labour Party who introduced tuition fees back in 1998 and in 2004 further increases were implemented to £3,000 a year despite student protests. Then in 2012 many students voted in good faith when Liberal Democrats pledged that tuition fees would not increase, but this promise was ultimately broken when they were trebled to £9,000 a year.

Even you, the Labour Party agreed that it wasn't good enough to break this pledge. So, we are pleading with you, Mr Corbyn to undo this debt that we now face before we have even officially graduated, and which puts us at a huge disadvantage to others. Please amend your manifesto to give the UK and EU students just leaving university the same chance in life as everyone else that follows in our footsteps, and those that are currently partway through their course to help save the graduates of 2017.

Many of us have had to work part-time or full-time hours just to afford rent and food whilst also trying to fit in our education. The loans that we were given simply wasn't enough to survive on. Therefore, not only was our degree not value for money, but skipping classes to work hindered our grades, future job prospects and potential earnings. 

Some of us are mature students who had given up careers, sold our cars, or moved back in with our parents in order to better ourselves at university and escape a lifetime of minimum wage. But holding down a job and taking care of a family had left us too exhausted to focus entirely on our studies as we worried about how to pave our way.

So, we are only asking for what is right and fair, because with tens and thousands of students facing a lifetime of debt we are the many and not the few, and we feel deeply let down and punished by the government's policies to include everyone but us. 

Yours sincerely,

Graduates of 2017





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