Save our country from ruin by tory lies, Public vote of no confidence, call snap election

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Our country has been dismantled by Tory exploiters who took the money and ran,(osborne and cameron)  in their wake they replaced  cameron with unelected teresa may who swindled her way to to power through lies u turns and smear tactics ,the woman is ignored by e.u leaders as insignificant,they do not accept her as a leader. her deranged view on others is madness and her denial of truth has no boundary, she is hellbent on making Britain unsafe and a nuclear target, her lies and plans are not democratic or peace orientated and her party accept foreign cash donations from Russia to  fund  their political hijacking of u.k whilst blaming Corbyn of being a Russian sympathizer, they control the media to do their corrupt bidding and smear any opposition with clever lies and spin,therefor not acceptable to British public, the false flag attack on spy is evident, the woman is a danger to the British public she is a traitor to our values,and endangers the life of Brits  posted overseas,we the public for what ever our personal reasons are petitioning for an immediate vote of no confidence snap election