Make keeping accurate data on Metastatic Breast Cancer diagnosis law in the UK

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I have a secondary breast cancer diagnosis and since I have been diagnosed in 2016 I have experienced first hand the vast loss of life associated with this currently incurable disease. 

Only one third of hospital trusts in England are fully recording when people are diagnosed with Secondary Breast Cancer.

Despite Secondary Breast Cancer data collection being mandated in England in 2013, no such figures have been published on the number of people diagnosed with the disease each year. This lack of data makes it difficult for services to be planned to meet the needs of those living with the disease let alone fund the research required to improve the treatments available and possibly find a cure. We therefore are asking for a new law to be passed to make keeping full Secondary Breast Cancer data mandatory and to be published for health professional and public access. 

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(Case for change report October 2017, Breast Cancer Care).