Our Children's Future is Paramount to We the Parents, the Children & not the Adopters!

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Dear Sir/Madam,

My step daughter had an accidental fall from the stairs and sustained injuries, I was at the University attending lectures while my partner called and report the incident to me. She was immediately taken to hospital for treatment as advised by me, with the help of our neighbor's car mobility prior my arrival.

The social workers got involved and seized My 5 months old baby from us in June 2015. My partner had another child in January 2016 and baby is also seized at birth, Baby was denied her heavenly fresh milk and mother first body warmth and feelings.The social workers accused my partner and me of causing the injuries on the first daughter which is my step daughter but first child to my partner. The 3 (three) children is now placed for adoption, and we have been denied our right to family life since June 2015. Upon this, the police is charging for abuse and planed to imprison us by the end of the year 2017.

I have never been involved in criminal activities in my life, and never been cautioned in any where in the world so also my partner (Peace). This is unfair judgment from the Family Civil Justice court in Manchester, the Judge and the social workers who fails to reason and consider the future of our children right to family life, their education and cultural background knowledge is paramount to them and we the parent.

Her Honorable Judge has also advise us not to discuss and tell anything that happens to any body in the public, the press and any government body, and that if we do such, she will send us to Jail.

Is it a crime to be a step father whom I treated and coddle as my own child?

The social workers has severally called and advised my partner to tell lies to the court that I did it, and she bluntly told them that it is against her religion and belief to lie against her fellow human being whiles he has done nothing wrong to deserves it.

My partner was also promised to be re-housed and huge amount of money into her account by the Social workers, but she refused) The social workers then promised her and said that "No matter what you do, We will adopt the Children from you!"

I am speechless so as my partner, I have been stopped from working by the police since June 2015, also the University authority also stopped me from studying based on the police allegation.

My children deserves their right to family life, myself and partner also deserves the rights to our relationships and family life, right to work independently without continuous family financial supports as they also have their own right to privacy.

My partner and me need your moral support to survive this ordeal time in our family life. I have No money to hire a solicitor to represent us to appeal as I have not been working since June 2015 which I was forcefully stopped by the police. The legal aid is no longer supporting or funding, our children is on the verge of been taken away and separate by force adopters which are strange parents to them.

I have health issues, and is getting more deteriorating due to continuous sleepless and nightmares about my children and future. I have been in and out of hospital since February to June 2017. Am currently walking with stick and I don't know how long I have to live now without my children.

As an African Origin, we respect our cultural background beliefs, and passion to family life, and Our children deserves the same knowledge and family right.

I plead to the United Kingdom government body, the Law society all over the world and Judges, the forced adoption and fostering fighters, the international human rights organisation, and every one who read my story and respect children's right to family life, to support me and sign this petition. Also to please voice up for me as the court have rendered us speechless and voiceless on top of our own right!

Our children needs and want us back to their life... and also needs the support of people like you !  

Please arise and help us out !

I hope to here from you all,

Warm regards,