My LE 2019 vote against Labour was NOT a vote to 'get on with Brexit'

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Dear Jeremy Corbyn,

Labour lost my vote in LE 2019 because you have not given a clear undertaking to allow the electorate a vote on ANY brexit deal that may be agreed, be it a 'bad Tory Brexit' a 'WTO, Canada or Norway Brexit' or an as-yet-undefined 'jobs first' Brexit.

Brexit must not be implemented without a clear, current, legal, honest mandate. 

In LE 2019 there was huge shift of votes away from Brexit-supporting Tory, Labour and UKIP parties to the Lib Dem and Green parties specifically because they support a Peoples' Vote with an option to Remain. 

The claim that you and others made that this vote shift is a signal that 'the electorate want you to get on and deliver Brexit' is utter nonsense. 

Whether people voted Leave or Remain in 2016 (or abstained, believing we would keep the 'exact same benefits') we all deserve a Final Say to choose whether (i) we want to go ahead whatever specific Brexit deal is negotiated or (ii) we prefer to keep our current bespoke EU membership deal. 

Please listen and win back votes for Labour.