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Let's chuck Chuka Umunna MP out of Streatham

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Chuka Umunna MP promised to find us a lawyer, to write a letter to the Ombudsman on our behalf and spearhead our fight to stop Hambridge Homes building three storey ugly concrete blocks at the bottom of our gardens looking directly into our children's bedrooms. James & Michael Overton owners of Hambridge Homes turned our homes into a human zoo?!!! Now EVERYTHING we do at the back of our homes can be viewed by those living in the monstrous concrete properties at the bottom of our no longer private gardens?!!!

We are a small diverse community who until recently lived in the sleepy part of Streatham Hill. But now our home lives have been turned upside down! We've been BULLIED, intimidated, threatened, had our families' privacy removed and plunged into DARKNESS by Michael & James Overton, owners of Hambridge Homes. These buildings - complete with huge  floor to ceiling - what some might describe as Pedo friendly windows - were allowed to go up with the FULL consent of their close allies Lambeth Council! We now feel like we are in a prison as we have no privacy and our children's bedrooms can be looked directly into.

Hambridge Homes has FORTY EIGHT developments in Lambeth alone and openly BRAG about their ability to obtain planning permission in weeks on their website. Such is their 'friendship' with Lambeth that they knock down structures and clear land for development BEFORE planning permission is granted.

Now the only way to force Lambeth to act lawfully and to force Hambridge Homes to be accountable for their actions is to take them to the High Courts which costs money. We need your help to achieve this. Please donate to our page to help fund our fight for justice

Chuka Umunna our MP came along to the site and promised he would help us. However after the promises he made to us in public, he refused to take our calls, refused to respond to our emails and refused to respond to a freedom of information request.

Chuka broke all three of his promises.

1. He did NOT get us a lawyer

2. He did NOT contact the Ombudsman on our behalf

3. Instead of spearheading our campaign as promised, he dropped us like a lead balloon!

We are an apolitical group who believe that elected MPs must be accountable to their constituents and be honourable people of their word. It's a real shame that Zac Goldsmith MP's 2014 Bill to enable us to sack MPs, that are found "wanting", failed.

Unfortunately we are not alone, many groups, associations and individuals have been badly let down by Chuka who is renowned for renaging on promises he makes to his constituents. Enough is enough it's time to chuck Chuka out of Streatham.

Please sign/share our petition if you agree with us and don't hesitate to share examples of how Chuka Umunna has let you down!

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