Justice for SEN children in Halton Borough

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Are you aware of Halton Borough Councils proposal to slash the budget for special educational needs children? The matter was exposed in an article in the Liverpool Echo by reporter Faye Brown https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/leaked-email-reveals-council-cut-14501267


The leaked email first hit the press just weeks before the local council elections and due to public uproar, Halton Borough councillors promised they would force a U turn of the cuts. Post election however, their stance has changed to that of “difficult decisions have to be made because of central government cuts”.While I accept this is true to a major extent, the Councillors fell short of damming the deceitful behaviour of whoever thought it was the right thing to force this on the heads of Halton schools in secrecy and with such contempt for the residents of Halton. The fact that the Council feels it necessary to target the most vulnerable and those least likely to protest makes this all the more disgraceful.

Just consider the money that might have to be repaid because of the legal mistakes the Council made over the new Mersey Gateway Bridge by not signing it properly and therefore potentially having to pay back all fines and tolls up until April 19 this year. Money down the drain! And I bet it probably happens quite often and lessons are not learned or accounted for. I can recall reading about the Council being liable for a possible £1.5 million for INEOS legal bills because of their legal ignorance. Who pays? First port of call...the weakest and least vocal, Every time!

I would urge everyone to sign this petition as a matter of principle as a response to the blatant contempt that has been shown for the residents of the Borough that only came to light because of a big hearted whistleblower, as it would seem that we are not privileged to know about these decisions.These cuts will affect SEN & None SEN children as well as put unbearable pressure on the already overburdened teachers, who have been forced into this position whilst expected to keep their mouths shut. Without the resources and funding, how can teachers provide adequate teaching for all in their mainstream classes?

"In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell


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