I want the right to a fair none bias trial against The Northumbria Police Force & IPCC.

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I am fighting to get a fair trial against the Northumbria Police Force and IPCC about the appalling way they conducted the murder investigation into My late Son Lee David Phipps racist killing,I want an outside force to investigate Northumbria Police Force and look at the evidence I have, I want the judges to LOOK at My case and the evidence presented before them instead of ignoring the evidence against The above parties and siding solely with them. I want the judges to look at how The Northumbria Police Force could allow the Uncle of the three killers to be on the case, why during the Uncle's time on the case critical evidence vanished that would have seen all three killers jailed not just one and I want them to explain why The Northumbria Police Force and The IPCC created operation review a document that was given to the press in order to slander My late son and I with malicious falsehoods, I want the Judges to explain why the Northumbria Police Force thought it was okay to freely gave out My address so the killers and their families could know where I live, I want to know why the IPCC are protecting the Northumbria Police force instead of investigating them for the misdeeds that they have done and which I have plentiful evidence of.

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