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Help keep our family together

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My name is Maria Watts.I've been with my partner Hayley Altmann for 4 years. We have 5 year old twin boys.Hayley has been a second parent since they were 15 months old.The boys and myself are British citizens. We applied for Hayleys right to remain under article 8 in April 2015,it was denied.

We appealed and our hearing was twice delayed till the 30th of June 2017.Our appeal was refused. The judge recognised us as a family and Hayley as a second parent but expected us to move to Israel where Hayley is from. We cannot uproot the children.

The Israeli immigration rules as well as the difficulty to integrate were not considered.Neither were the fact that we have never been there or that we do not speak the language.

Hayley was forced to book a flight for the 17th of October.We can only make a new application for entry clearance in around 7 months due to regulations concerning finances.The affect on Leo and Reece would be immense.It is heartbreaking.

The boys are extremly attached to Hayley and having her leave after years of being with her every single day would have a detrimental and highly upsetting affect on them.They have just started school and are doing so well and thriving.

All they know is their life in the UK with their two mummys and extended family,including grandparents,aunt,uncles and cousins.

In addition,Hayley is a professional,a senior caring assistant who so many people in the UK could benefit from her set of skills.

She would not be a financial burden on anyone and is a person of good character.

We are shocked and dismayed as to why they would prefer to either seperate a family and put us through so much unnecessary upset or expect 3 British citizens to just move to another country rather than do the logical and humane thing-Allow Hayley to stay so we can continue being a family.

Please help us as much as you can and thank you.





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