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Harsher Sentences For People Who Financially Abuse Elderly And Vulnerable People

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The punishments for people who financially abuse vulnerable people are in no way severe enough and act as no deterrent whatsoever.

Speaking from a personal point of view, both me and my family have experienced the inability of the British Justice system to properly convict someone and issue a sentence that properly fits the crime they have committed.

In late 2015, our family found out that Stephanie Carter was taking money from a relative Jean Stacey, Jean has a list of ailments including a dormant brain tumor, Parkinsons disease and an aneurysm in her stomach, she has also been recognized as having disability status for the last 10 years.

Carter posed as "the manageress" of a sheltered accommodation center in Liverpool and befriended Jean. Over time she managed to steal £15000+ from her bank account, she done this by prying on Jean's good nature and also lying about her own personal circumstance, when the reality was, she was spending the stolen money on holidays to Russia and America. When Jean asked for the money back, Carter would become aggressive towards her.

on the 24th of August, Carter was sentenced to 20 months in prison (with a further month added for not turning up to court), she was released in around March this year serving less than a year in prison. In December Carter was forced to pay £2,300 back through the proceeds of crime act which she failed to pay back.

All of our family are in agreement that these punishments are in no way severe enough to deter anyone thinking of taking advantage of vulnerable people. A year later and Carter is out of prison and is still £15000 better off whilst Jean has seen her health rapidly decline and is facing the prospect of living the rest of her life in residential care.

We believe the law should be changed so the punishments for criminals such as her should be far more severe with much harsher sentences and they should also be made to pay at least half of the stolen money back through the proceeds of crime act.

Attached are the paper reports;

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