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Grenfell owners should not be allowed to profit from this disaster!

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I would like to see action taken that prevents the owners of the Grenfell tower block from profiting from any insurance payout or from being able to sell the land that it stands on. I am also starting a related petition to have the land taken into public ownership and used for either social housing or a peace garden / park or indeed a combination of the two. 

The Grenfell tower block fire was one of the most horrendous tragedies in living memory  to happen on British soil. Without pre-empting any outcome of the public enquiry it is clear that the owners of the tower had a responsibility, a duty of care to make the block a safe and secure place to live.

All landlords have a duty of care to their tennents or owner occupiers. So whatever the reason or combination of factors that enabled the fire to spread so very rapidly, or indeed accelerate turn out to be, the blocks owners have to shoulder some responsibility for the state of their property.  Whether it was in such a state due to the owners neglect, collusion, ignorance, apathy or being ill adviced by the TMO or their contractors the owners are ultimately liable. 

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