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get Theresa May out of office

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Theresa May has made a mokery of British politics. Taking away funds for public services that the public pay for only to then use the money to pay for a billion pound deal to keep herself in office. This woman does not care about the British people or what the need. Never did I think i would see England fall so low in my lifetime, but i do realise it is all down to her and the party she represents.

I do not believe she is fit to be a british PM. She used newspapers to slander the opponents and big herself up. If she was truley there to bring the country to prosperity she wouldn't have made decisions that hare those who can't support themselves. Theresa and her party should be repremanded and have alot to answer for. 

A Tori goverment is not there for the British public, it is only there for the small minorty of the rich.

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