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Form a Coalition of Compromise - represent us all

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I call on Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn to form a Coalition of Compromise.

For the two main parties to each gain the support of over 40% of the country's electorate is something that they both have the right to feel proud of - in spite of all the current rhetoric. It will be a real shame if only 50% of the population, therefore end up being represented. In the next five years we have some very difficult decisions to make, I propose that everyone is represented in those decisions.

I know that both leaders wish to gain power for the good of the country: They both fear the other's proposals will cause problems and that their own policies are the way forward. I ask that for five years they focus on the good of the country and leave behind their fears.

I have many friends, relations and colleagues who voted in a different direction to me, and yet, I can still respect their views, listen to them, socialise with them and even work with them — in a respectful and productive way.

End Combative Politics!
I would like to see an end to combative politics, for the next five years, with Mrs May as Prime Minister and Jeremy Corbyn as Deputy. The cabinet could be formed of one member from each minority party that gained at least one seat including the DUP and, hopefully, Sinn Fein. I propose that, for five years, policies where there is already agreement should be prioritised; where this is not possible, open compromise is sought, for example:

Go part way towards Mr Corbyn's tax levies on the rich and corporation tax, encourage everyone to rally round and not to "up and leave the country" as Mrs May's colleagues fear, and work within a less ambitious budget.

Prime Ministers' question time should feature reports from cross-party working groups which are questioned carefully and respectfully.

Openness helps everyone feel safe and involved:
The Brexit negotiations should involve cross-party negotiations where every UK position is laid out clearly for both us and the Europeans to see. This will help the UK and Europe to try to reach a deal that is in everyone's best interest. If this does not become possible in two years, the country can then choose, with their eyes fully open, whether they want to rejoin the EU, leave with no agreement, extend the negotiations further or some other option that may become available in the meantime. I would ask our politicians to carefully consider whether they really will want sole responsibility for forcing through an agreement that later turns out to be disastrous and divisive.

This is a time where much is at stake — security, Brexit, the economy, Britain's place in the World, the challenges of an ageing population, etc. It can also become an opportunity to put the United back in United Kingdom. Please do so for the good of the country.

#RepresentUsAll, #CoalitionOfCompromise

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