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Form a Coalition against the Conservatives

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The Conservative Party have committed crimes against the people of Britain. Tory policies have plunged the NHS into crisis. Workers are worse off every year, and cuts to social care are costing lives. Meanwhile the same party are handing out tax breaks to corporations and the richest tier of society. The Tories are allowing the wealthiest to get richer, whilst forcing austerity on everyone else.

Last year David Cameron recklessly gambled the fate of the UK for nothing other than political gain, and his successor Theresa May is attempting to force a hard Brexit deal with no democratic scrutiny, risking our country's economic future.

This is our chance to put to a stop to it.

Let's end Tory rule.

We call upon the leaders of the opposition parties to unite, form a coalition and bring an end to Tory rule over Britain. We have a little over a month to organise, and bring this about. This will take unification of the opposition. This is the only way to defeat a Tory majority.

We demand that Labour, The Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru and The Green Party set aside their differences, and unite against the common enemy of the British public. Let's show these parties that there is a political mandate for cross-party unity; that siding against the Conservatives will win them votes. Please sign and share to spread the word and help VOTE THE TORIES OUT IN 2017.

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