Enough is enough Diane Abbott

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Things keep getting worse and worse when it comes to Diane.

The main point most people remember is her not being able to recite numbers that her party made up... she stumbled and brought a figure of paying police officers £30 each, remember, she was a part of the party that wrote a policy on this, and she can't remember simple figures, she says she was tired, unfortunately, it's her job to be able to recognize peices of information but , she just can't, that's either she is not used to having to do things which involve remembering (this would mean she's not used to doing her job), or she's just lazy... 

Again, more recently she has no idea what she is talking about on live television, not knowing how your party is going to deal with something as big as illegal immigration is baffling 

Piers Morgan: “I wasn’t trying to trick you @HackneyAbbott. It was a simple question: would Labour let illegal immigrants stay in Britain or deport them? You criticised Rudd for her failure to ‘get basic facts right’ yet couldn’t give me a straight factual answer to this fundamental question.”

The next case of her forgetting critical pieces of information is on sky news; The shadow home secretary appeared to discuss the death of yet another victim of knife crime in London.

Ms Mee said: “There’s been definite silence from the London Mayor over the last 48 hours, not only in his capacity as London Mayor but also in his capacity overseeing the Metropolitan Police as well." Dianne was then asked why the mayor hasn't commented on this yet, of course, Dianne being herself dodged an important question saying, “We have to remember that I think 70 percent of the Metropolitan Police funding comes from Government.

“So this all goes back to Government policy which has led to Sadiq having to close police stations which have led to boroughs like Hackney losing police officers but Sadiq has spoken out on this issue.”

This was not a clear answer to a question she should be able to answer, even if she didn't know why he hadn't should be able to think on her feet and come up with a likely reason. No, she doesn't know of course, so the presenter tries to ask her again.

Ms Abbott gave the exact same answer yet again, failing to address the issue: “To be fair, Sadiq has been trying to point out the consequences of these Government’s cuts for some time.

We could go on and on with Diane's atrocious public figure, including her racist rants, everything that gives the reason for dismissal has happened to Diane, but nothing has been done to rectify her actions.

Conservative MP, Rehman Chishti, told BBC Radio 4's World at One the comments were "completely unacceptable" and amounted to "a racist comment".

Dianne is not fit for the position she has been put in; there needs to be a change, the UK is going through difficult times, with Brexit and critical decisions taking place such as the bombing of Syria. We cannot have people who hold such power have such low abilities as Diane represents, as an MP you are representing not only your party but the whole government, Diane is seen as inferior to many people in the UK, you just need to listen to an interview or a session she has to see her lack of any understanding or ability to withstand any debate. The stance on sending her children to private school is a private matter, and I believe she can do what she likes with her salary, but now let's talk about her expenses, £176,984.38 in just under a year, most of this is for office costs, that is absolutely fine, I do not expect you to pay for work equipment out of your pocket, but there are some odd expenses claimed for that are either a bit too high in cost, or they are not work-related necessities:

06/04/2017 - Office Costs - Coffee - £29.51
06/04/2017 - Office Costs - Tea - £8.15
26/04/2017 - Office Costs - USB drive - £238.79
03/04/2017 - Office Costs - Press Parli-training - £954.00
07/09/2017 - Office Costs - Parli-training course payment - £1,524.00

These are just a few of the strange inputs of expenses, coffee and tea? That is not a work-related expense that is in anyway associated with office costs, a USB drive costing hundreds of pounds is despicable, I have no idea what she was thinking purchasing something so small for this price, press training... is this a joke? Clearly, this training has not been attended by Diane and must have been for some other employee, and again, more training, but she still can't do her job properly. And these expenses were obviously from 2017, imagine what they look like now. Overall this lady should not under any circumstances even be considered to be shadow home secretary, this situation needs to be changed, and it needs changing now. Either a resignation or to be sacked, at least a demotion.




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