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End child poverty. End benefit waiting time. End austerity

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We need to end child poverty. We need more help for families below the breadline.

While we encourage, retrain , get people fit and prepared for work , and then offered work. Not work on zero hero contracts proper work regular work. While the process is taking place those people need their fair benefits paid out on time regularly. There shouldn't be a waiting time there shouldn't be refusal of benefits for minor mistakes such as late appointments often clerical errors.

Of course people on benefits need to be monitored and controlled help given to find work and work taken when physically and mentally able. 

But we can't have a system where families are waiting 6 weeks for benefits .6 weeks of children going hungry parents going hungry. 

It's in humane that children in this country are going hungry cold without the proper help from this government. 

The actual amount of benefits needs to be looked at so families can afford rent heating electricity gas and food.  Currently its not.

Low paid workers with families also need their pay topped up so they can pay the bills and most of all feed their children as well as themselves. 

The amount of rent a tenant can charge needs to be looked at while there are not enough social housing. 

Government initiatives and action not promises must be put into place to stop child poverty or even all poverty in this country. 

Instead of spending billions on bank bailouts and fixing clocks and palaces out of our money not the goverments money maybe help parents feed their children should be a priority. 

End zero hour contracts, end sky high rent , end benefit waiting times. End austerity, end making the rich richer and helping the people who need it most. End wasteful spending to glitz up the posh buildings. End kids going to school hungry.  

Let's have consultations in how to spend our local public money its our money we should at least put our wishes in place.

Let's make sure theres systems in place where families going through hard times can access vital services and get basic items ie food.

Let's have more social housing 

Let's have more local job opportunities and retraining available to all.

Let's have a living level thats realistic in terms of the cost of vital things like gas electric rent , travel , food. And people on low level wage have benefits topped up to access those services. 

Let's help people go to work help with child care , school uniform and free dinners to all families not achieving the living level we talked about.

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