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Call for Jeremy Corbyn to put in a vote of no confidence against the conservative party.

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with the sale of the NHS, London fire stations, appliances, police and ambulance crews, the Conservative government is putting every persons safety at risk. With ever increasing terrorist attacks and the chance of more tower block disasters thanks to austerity measures and life saving bills being out voted to save the 70+ Conservative landlords from paying out money on making housing safe to live in, this is putting many, many people at risk.

any one of us could need at least one of the emergency services that are now so cruelly stretched thin because of lowering budgets and the closing of stations. These services will all be gone if we allow this disgrace of a coalition to continue. It took Mrs May 2 days to arrange any kind of help for the victims left from Grenfell towers and is now going to cover up her parties despicable handling of the fire report given to them 4 years ago with a public enquiry.

I am a human being and standing by and watching my fellow human beings wiped out for the profit of a few turns my stomach. We have a government in charge that I wouldn't trust to run a marathon let alone a country. It is now time for change and as you have seen at the election it was such a close decision. I feel personally that due to the latest ineptitude and treatment of disaster victims by the Conservatives that they have shown there true colours and shown how truly despicable they are.

please call a vote of no confidence and start the long road to recovery and put the Great back into Great Britain before it is too late and we all end up with 5 years of a sick Conservative-DUP coalition.

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