Bully boy Charity RSPCA to lose it's right to privately prosecute!

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Bully boy Charity RSPCA to lose it's right to privately prosecute!

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On the 30 November 2016 one of my 2 dogs was taken as 3 allegations had been made that I kicked my dog.

They took Bronson the brindle male Sharpull Terrier
came to my friends no warrant held me outside my friends flat & after I willingly came to see them outside & then the block me off allowing RSPCA inspectorate Danielle Grimshaw who apparently works for the west Yorkshire branches Halifax Huddersfield to commit THEFT.
They were not invited in to the property but still took him without my consent causing my much stress & the same to my dogs which was witnessed by my friend who's flat it was we were at.

I got so upset that I was being held by PC James Preston 1017 of west Yorkshire police Shipley Bradford.. that I had to remove him from myself with warning to stop holding me & to let me go then had to go with another neighbour who tried to calm me down.
In this time I had not signed anything yet took one of my two pups illegally to my horror within the space of 10 mins of my hyperventilating & having a panic attack brought on by the events where the police did not even brief anyone of my anxiety & knew of it.
This same officer added by one more on my friends door.

He then said she took him n handed me a form section 19 pace act criminal evidence seizure.
Again with no warrant!

We were not in a public place!



"Police officers also do not require a warrant if they have your agreement to carry out a search. Before asking for your consent, however, the officer in charge should explain why the police want to search your home, inform you that you do not have to give your permission and say that anything seized may be used in evidence.
A police officer cannot enter and search or continue to search premises if consent is given under pressure or if it is withdrawn before the search is completed. You must consent in writing to make the search lawful."

Basically they Breached Code of Practice B of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) 1986.

This link below has a section clearly stating what the police can & CAN NOT DO!  INFO FROM DIRECT GOV - Controlling your dog in public:

"If you have a banned dog, the police or local council dog warden can take it away and keep it, even if:

it isn’t acting dangerously
there hasn’t been a complaint
The police may need permission from a court to do this.

If your dog is in:

a public place, the police don’t need a warrant
a private place, the police must get a warrant
a private place and the police have a warrant for something else (like a drugs search), they can seize your dog
A police or council dog expert will judge what type of dog you have and whether it is (or could be) a danger to the public. Your dog will then either be:

kept in kennels while the police (or council) apply to a court
You’re not allowed to visit your dog while you wait for the court decision."


please note my d og is NOT of a dangerous Breed
"Shar-pei" cross with "American Staffordshire bull terrier" 

PC 1017 James Preston of West Yorkshire Police under Dee Cloins Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police DID NOT FOLLOW PROTOCAL!

Here I add a link to my facebook blog of an hour AFTER ILLEGAL SEIZURE & TRESPASS ETC.. video included.. note the words of PC 1017 JAMES PRESTON WYP

One hour after they took my Dog!

They invited me to an interview which they asked me not to record after trying to lie first saying I can't cos they have digital tapes & it can mess the system which was rubbish!

Note police came 45 minutes late to that interview & RSPCA were 15 mins late when I got there over 30mins early times recorded.

They showed 3 clips showing nothing more than my dog pulling up hill no kicking.. they found no marks or bruising & stated this on tape & phone.

Yet hold my dog for 6 months to try get a prosecution because the police man is being lazy illegally letting RSPCA handle so called criminal evidence.

No other info given apart from policeman lying via email to me on phone & to my face then trying to get me to hand my dog to rspca so he don't have to do no work but hopefully kill my dog like he is trying with their mother that he said was dead but now went for 2 experts which again was a lie n actually said I told him the mother was dangerous after Incommunities Housing Association & the police asked me to care for over a month while I just had her pup.

They didn't help in the meantime but the old housing officer did text to ask how the dog was.

The policeman told a lie again n I'm going to Court to trip his ass up!

again please watch & listen!


This the l find I'm not alone in being a victim of both to make money n steal pets using a Victorian patron out of date 500 years plus then lying to the public n all types of animals & anyone or company Is at risk from this!

They saying animal welfare but section 19 pace act is as I posted.

Can police seize evidence in the street using PACE section 19


I've managed to blog most of the events to the present n must warn as some of my vocabulary is a tad colorful at times.

Please do not let this put you off taking an eye opening inside view to quite a dark reality that needs to be stopped with it being out of control & claiming the lives of many people/animals!

I do believe we need a working system run by reliable government bodies so overall I think DEFRA NEEDS TO FORGET THE 2 YEAR PROBATIONARY FOR RSPCA'S PROSECUTION POWERS TO CEASE WITH INSTANT EFFECT!



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The SHG - for RSPCA problems

Please watch the short exposure video to get a better insight to this rising out of control issues supplied below WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC DETAIL!




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This petition had 927 supporters