Basic human rights for children during SATS exams

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Today my son sat a SATS exam, he is 6 years old. All of the children were encouraged to go to the toilet before the exam and were told that they can not leave the exam to go to the toilet. My son used the toilet prior to the exam, 5 minutes before the end of the exam he asked to use the toilet and was refused, he sadly wet himself. After school my son explained that he has needed the toilet for around 15 minutes but only asked to go when he knew he could no longer hold it as he knew he wasn’t allowed. He is 6 years old ! I don’t agree with SATS for this age anyway but if this is to be enforced then at least allow these children the basic human right to use the toilet. I have spoken to the school and they were very apologetic and explained that if a child has to leave the exam the whole exam has to stop and then be restarted where it left of and the head teacher informed. Teachers and the schools are under so much pressure already, I do not blame the school. The government needs to lighten these rules and understand that these are young children. I am so worried that this negative experience could scare my son of future exams. I want the rules around SATS to be discussed, i don’t want it to be allowed for children to be denied a basic human right of going to the toilet. 

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