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Ban the weapons that could save lots of people lives

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Banning the weapons in this country means it could save a lot of people's lives no matter what races or religions are. It means we will feel safer in this country once it is banned! This has to stop right now and it is not safe for anyone to go out not knowing if they will be targeted by anyone.

Picture above, recently this white man who was lying on the floor was arrested outside the Justin Bieber concert by taking a huge weapon knife out (see the red circle on the picture) tried to kill Muslims when there are not many Muslims who would go to a concert. Police called him a madman but not a terriost. Why didn't they shot him like they shot a few guys that claims to be Muslim before, because the police must be paid to do this by PM Theresa May and the goverment to make the headline go viral. Do you know why you may not heard or seen on the media news about the madman because the medias will only bring it up if it was a white person harmed by a Muslim person, they label a Muslim person as a terriost but when a white person does the same and is not a terriost, why is it different and it is not fair to blame it on Muslims without researching the actual facts, you may not know that the fact the medias are paid to brainwash you all! Please don't watch the fake news, newpapers etc. Guys, we must stand up together and prevent harmful weapons that could influence on young and older people to follow. 

I do care about everyone's lives, I don't care about any races or religions. We need to bring peace in this country and other countries to do the same.

Only Jeremy Corbyn the leader of the Labour party can make it happen and will reassure other people who feel afraid of their lives. He's the man who can take it under control and the police doesn't need the weapons like gun to protect themselves too. 

PM Theresa May who is selfish pure evil human being, she only used racists to vote for her so she gets the control and power to brainwash racists when in reality she laugh at them, not with them. Her face says it all with her fake smile, fake sympathy, fake promises, fake attitude and the list goes on. Plus weapons are wrong to bring into the country from aboard or may be smuggling without the security knowing. 

If it happens to you or anyone you know then you would understand how you or they feel inside knowing you or they have done nothing wrong to anyone personally! 

Let's make it happen sooner than later, don't wait too long to send this petition before you regret it! Imagine if someone follows you behind and may stab you in the back for no reason.

We will win this petition if we want to make our present and future generations feel safer when going to school, work, college or university knowing they are safe with no harm.

We will not be divided by racists and PM Theresa May who is destroying the UK yet she said she will make it stronger meaning she is destroying more. Shame on her! 

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