Apply fairness in the Labour Party treating senior members and ordinary members equitably

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Apply fairness in the Labour Party treating senior members and ordinary members equitably

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Eileen Kersey started this petition to Jeremy Corbyn (Leader of Labour Party) and

Friday 17, 2017

Mr Blair chose to go public on his Open Britain vision after visiting the EU parliament president recently. He chose today six days ahead of two byelections in traditional Labour areas where the majority voted for BRexit.

His timing was intentional.

Why not next Friday after the elections?

He was given a great deal of air time along with UKip candidate and party leader Paul Nuttall who was making his party conference speech.

Blair continues to work against the party and its leader.


We would like to see the Labour Party treat its members fairly. That should mean treating senior party members such as Tony Blair and other Labour MPs who have used inappropriate language in the same manner as we the ordinary party members, many of whom have been suspended from the party for using various words on social media.

Senior party members currently are allowed to call ordinary members many abusive names on social media and contact the mainstream media to post abusive articles causing the party widespread damage.

This must stop.

As a background to this story the following has been sent to Labour''s Validation team about the word "nutter", its possible use and fairness.

Dear Iain McNicol, Labour NEC, Jeremy Corbyn and Compliance Unit,

I note that the word Blairite no longer represents Labour values and is in fact a banned word.

Around 20 years ago Tony Blair and his Blairite New Labour were touted as the best thing since sliced bread.

But times change and BLAIRITE is now a four-letter word in all but letter count.

As a 64-year-old working-class woman I find it odd that since becoming a Labour Party member almost two years ago my vocabulary has been curbed.

I can no longer use the word Blairite, or a few others, during any social media activity. If I do and am reported to you guys I could be suspended or expelled from the party.

Of course my Labour Party vote of 43 plus years would still be welcomed by you all I suppose.

​Off-limits is
and possibly a couple of other words that you may have already decided are "not nice" or that you may do in the future.

​Yet Sunday according to the usual anonymous Times source Tony Blair is considering a return to British politics and one reason is because he thinks Jeremy Corbyn is a "nutter."

[If Mr Blair did so such thing and does not believe Mr Corbyn is a "nutter" I would expect the Labour Party and Mr Blair to challenge the story but at time of writing it is unchallenged.]

Surely that verbal attack is worse than calling a person a blairite, tory-lite, scum or traitor.

Fair enough scum is a bit strong but it has been widely used through Labour Party history during industrial action and beyond.

In 2016 political correctness apparently rules the Labour Party but is that only when it suits?

Having emailed the validation team regarding John Ferrett, Alastair Campbell and a few others who have been abusive online no reply is ever received.

Campbell's favourite word on Twitter when he is challenged is to call the person a "twat."

I imagine this open letter, email and petition will again fall on deaf ears and you will not respond.

But here's the thing.

If the next plot is already underway, if Labour split or whatever, the only real losers will be "we the voters."

Perhaps the flood of MEPs set to lose their jobs on the back of BRexit, and MPs who will be shoved out in the cold with Tory boundary changes, are going to fill the necessary posts of a new type of Labour Party.

But whatever is playing out behind the scenes "the Labour Party management" are making us all look like fools.

Democracy in the Labour Party must be restored and that must mean taking veteran party members such as Tony Blair to task for calling Corbyn a nutter.

​The Labour Party has its roots in fair play.

Time you acted in a fair manner

Yours Sincerely

Note: If the news story is incorrect please offer an official statement. If not we have to assume it is true. The story also claims that Mr Blair is now actively working on a Political comeback.


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This petition had 974 supporters

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