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All Trainee doctors,midwives and nurses to be taught about CMV and a vaccination against

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So my beautiful Daughter was born 2 weeks early on the 22nd of July 2017. Small head size,jaundice and just a tiny 4 pound fourteen. They took a urine sample and I didn't think anything of it. I was so out of it on gas and air after id given birth I wasn't really aware of anything going. Took her home,everything was fine.

A few days later I got a call from the hospital. she tested positive for congenital cmv. I had never heard of this in my life and so I thought oh its just an infection they can fix it with antibiotics. Then we was sent to the hospital...Sitting in the Trevor Mann ward whilst they done a brain scan. That didn't go top badly. So I thought great were done. were fine. Then they said they had to test her hearing. I thought yeah she will be able to hear things like this dont happen to me. Then the words come out the doctors mouth "no clear response"...I cried. I was recovering myself from birth,then dragged back up the hospital whilst my breasts were burning and rock hard and sore. I had cramps that were making me double over in pain. I could hardly walk. So then were sent for her to have valganciclovir through a cannula. So I had to stay in hospital for a week I think whilst she had that treatment put through her twice a day. The next few days were filled with brain scans,blood being taken,treatment pumped through her. Different specialists. It was all to much. I was later diagnosed with severe depression aswell as anxiety. It was all too much. I thought when will this end. I have failed as a mother. I'm meant to protect her and I couldn't even protect her in my stomach which is where she should of been at her safest. I was heartbroken.

My baby is 5 months old now and she is still on treatment,the treatment cant fix anything the virus has already caused but it can slow it down from progressing but the damage has been done. Meadow is deaf-She has hearing aids. Her brain scans showed abnormalities. Shes floppy and delayed. Lucky enough she still has her vision at the minute but that can change. Her whole life childhood so far has been eye tests,hearing tests,brain scans,organ scans,being reviewed every two weeks. I just feel like we're not getting a break. I wish I could make it better,as a mum its the worst thing seeing your child go through something and not being able to fix it.


I am disgusted that pregnant women aren't told about this virus and how to prevent it. I'm disgusted that not all doctors and nurses and midwives are trained with this knowledge. I am disgusted that cmv was discovered in 1956 and there is still no vaccine against it.

2 to 3 precious babies will be damaged by this virus everyday. Cmv is responsible for 25% of childhood hearing loss. 5 out of every 1000 born with cmv will die at birth or in their first year of life. It can cause miscarriage and still birth. The child can get Cereal palsy,epilepsy,physical impairment,vision loss,add,behavioural difficulties and learning difficulties.

This virus ruins lives. Let's spread the word not the virus.


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