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I have the most wonderful, beautiful, soulful, sweet and kind hearted little boy.

He was born with a pre-cancerous birth mark named; Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus. Through personal choicen of medical advice, we decided to have this removed from a young age due to medical implications that could occur further on down the line such as a 50% chance of cancer. However, we knew this would result in other implications such as heavy post scarring. This was never an issue for us. We should embrace brave individuals who deserve every credit for their beauty inside and outside.

Nicholas is proof and so many other inspirational individuals are proof, you have to embrace who you are and show people that you are an individual, a human, someone special with a beautiful difference. 

I have a lot of respect for Kinder and other advertising companies apart of this process, for not editing Nicholas' scars out and to embrace who he is as a person and who he represents. 

When Nicholas was born, we were disappointed by how little companies were representative of difference within society.  This disheartened me.One especially being a major Babies and Childrens Company that is famous all over the world for their brand.I was told that Nicholas was a minority .This was very hurtful and harmful to me which left me feeling very confused how such a cruel thing could be said by this Major Company.I still have the email to prove how far we have come!how little they have done! 

Despite this, this is a step in the right direction for society, yes we have a long way to go but this is proof that NOTHING is impossible and NOTHING should stop you from striving for change and making a difference.

We need to embrace the person on what they achieve ie. Nicholas art,songs tell his story .He is an Diana Charity Award anti-bullying ambassador.He has had positive attention from Duke and Duchess of Cambridges delight,Her Majesty the Queens pleased the list goes on!

What I find lacking in society is equality. Equality to embrace everybody, regardless of any difference, we are all human and perfect in our own ways. I am calling on the community to accept any difference someone has in society, whether it be within the advertising media. 

We may all look different but we all have talent. Why should we be defined by the way we look? Why should we be dictated to what is the stereotypical beauty? 

Our differences are evidence of the journeys we have been through in life.We all have talents, we all have unique experiences. 

- My son embraced his beauty last year for a Self-Portrait competition, which would see him appear on the world famous Kinder Chocolate packs. He looked in the mirror and drew himself, drawing his facial scarrs, which are evidence of his strength and beauty. He is considered to have a 'disfigurement' but I like to call it difference because that is what makes him special. Disfigurement is a term I hate to use, as this is what Nicholas is considered to have by many. 

I've always been really confused by the negative association of scars and how these are considered to be 'nasty' or 'ugly' like many people reference to and also what many others feel is the perfect look .Well it is not .Embrace all!This should be regualtion and law within all the industries and stop  making children and adults who do have differences feel they are not good enough for this industry.



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