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End the NHS Punitive Penalty Charges

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I wish to petition to the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn to ask him to  raise this matter in the House of Commons, and to call for this NHS policy to be brought to an end.

The penalty charges act was introduced in 1999. But it has only been applied very recently. This is been since Theresa May took leadership of the Conservative government.

There is a form declaration at dental surgeries which a patient is asked to sign. This is a form which expects all information to be both accurate and correct.  The NHS argues its entitlement to award penalty claims against those who have signed this declaration by genuine misunderstanding. 

There are people out there who are expected to pay dental charges who are afraid to attend their surgeries because of the costs.  There are those who are suffering as a result.

The situation with this system of eligibility checks and penalty charges has made me feel anxious. The absolute checking everything about us on database systems and the rigorous checking of declaration forms is over the top and in the extreme.

The way that I have been individually been treated is appalling and is part of a much wider undermining of the benefits system aimed at making it harder for people to make any claims at all, of course. Or take benefits away from them more easily. The use of ’sanctions’ is a cost-cutting exercise. The application of ‘penalties’ is in much the same vein: punishing the poor then charging them for it.

I feel that I have individually suffered at rigorous nature of the eligibility checks and penalty charges system and the anxiety this has caused me. 

I call for this punitive NHS policy to be brought to an end.

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