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We, the undersigned, are saddened and frustrated by the ongoing and deliberate “Project – Destroy Corbyn”, waged by an alliance of neoliberal Establishment forces determined to do anything to stop a progressive Labour government gaining power.


This disreputable alliance consists of:


1. the ideological supporters of the Israeli state, who won’t relent until Corbyn has been politically liquidated;

2. the largesse-addicted Establishment proper, who’ll do anything to thwart a redistributive Labour government with a moral compass from gaining power;

3. members of the old ‘New Labour’ PLP, determined to drag their party back to a Tory-lite style Labour Party; and

4. a rightist billionaire class media with its own vested interest in destroying Labour.


The news of yet another PLP plot against Corbyn by Labour MPs is just the latest episode in the unfolding Establishment determination to scupper any possibility of a fair and decent society.


We, the many, will not allow this witch-hunt against Jeremy Corbyn and against progressive politics to succeed.


Any possibility of a fairer society and an end to the appalling social divisions in Britain depend on the election of a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn. If the Establishment destroys Corbyn, the future of any progressive, green-oriented future government will be approximately zero.