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USARUGBY Needs Change!

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This is about the present and future of American rugby, and right now USA Rugby is holding on by a thread. We have seen our game flounder for too many years. USARUGBY needs change; there is too much at stake and we can't wait any longer and see our game continue to be degraded and leapfrogged by other sports! Rugby must take its rightful place in the US and on the world stage.

It is our duty and obligation as members of USARUGBY to makes changes to improve the game and ask Congress to step-up and do whats right on July 29!

I agree and ask USARUGBY Congress at their July 29th Meeting To:

1. Vote against the ratification of Chad Keck's renomination. Keck was in the room when RIM was formed and approved the PRO Sanction without a proper due diligence.
2. Vote against the ratification of the other  Board nominee - Barbara O'Brien . It's not that she is a bad candidate, but this nomination is the product of a colluded nomination process that needs to be changed.
3. Vote against the dues Increase. Unless the Dues increase comes with a valued-added membership benefits package, this is a non-starter.
4. Cast a unanimous vote of "No Confidence" in the at-large Board members. They need to go, all of them. USA Rugby needs a new set of Board Members.

It’s time we as USA Rugby’s life blood, its members, stop gladly scarfing down mediocrity, underachievement and apathy as though it’s gourmet fare. Be the agent of change, of progress, of improvement and sign this petition.

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