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Stop the Use of Stratospheric aerosol Geo-engineering chemtrails!

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The major component of the Geo-engineering programs is to saturate the atmosphere by spraying millions of tonnes of toxic metal particles (aerosols) from jet aircraft for climate control measures.
The global Geo-engineering/weather modification (chemtrail) programs have likely been going on for over six decades. Recently found documents from the NASA archives indicate the these programs already had budgets into the hundreds of millions of dollars even by the mid 1960?s. These already massive climate altering programs were radically ramped up in the last 15 years. Though most of us alive today have perhaps known little of “natural” weather, what we are experiencing today is anything but natural!

Aluminium Oxide, Barium, Cesium among other toxic metals, is showing up in countless rain and soil tests around the world. The amount of aluminum, barium, and other metals in these rain/snow tests is always high and often completely off the charts
The “hydrological cycle” of the planet is being completely disrupted by the Geo-engineering aerosol saturation of the atmosphere. Fungal proliferation is yet another inevitable crisis when the atmosphere is filled with particulates, soils are contaminated with the Geo-engineering fallout, and waters are polluted with the same. Already, countless species are feeling the effects. The current “species extinction rate” should be absolutely shocking to all. There is a mountain of scientific data to confirm the reality of “global dimming of up to 20%’. This is having a major impact on plant and insect life. Forests around the globe are now filled with dead and dying trees. leading to a global cooling under the blanket of fine Aluminium oxide.
Human Inhalation of microscopic particulates is highly damaging no matter what the particulate material. Respiratory ailments and mortalities are now literally epidemic. Degenerative human diseases that are linked to heavy metal exposure are even more lethal and are now going virtually off the charts. ADD, Alzheimer’s, Autism, ALL, immune disfunction, and many other diseases associated with heavy metals, have all skyrocketed in recent years. slowly but surely these particles are shutting down bodily functions and the immune system. These metals are all but impossible to remove once they have become lodged in the body.

I and many others believe the goal is to destroy the soil and growing conditions around the world so as the only thing that will grow is GMO's.

.........................You decide where the facts and money trails are heading.

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Why in the world are they spraying?? (Documentary) 

Courtasy of the chemtrails project UK website.!the-directive--uapa-in-full/cxni

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