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#change4kelsey~ Mental Healthcare Change in Arkansas

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Aug.14th 2017 Kelsey Nicole Cox died, she was 24 years old. Kelsey suffered her whole life with mental illness at the time of her death, she had the mentality of a 12 yr old. Between age 14 until her death she had been in the ER 43 times, short term facilities(2-7 days) around 70 times if not more. After turning of age, long term facilities were no longer an option. 2 months prior to her death, she had been 7 times in a short term facility. Her medical Dr. and therapist spend countless hours trying to find long term care(3-6 months) for her. She suffered from many issues including Autism,OCD,bi polar disorder. So many people within the state of Arkansas suffer from mental illness. If a person suffers from an illness of the liver,or kidney or the many cancers that affect many different organs, they are treated. People tend to forget mental illness is in the brain,...the brain is also an organ. We need the state of Arkansas to look at the issues our loved ones and in many cases, we ourselves are suffering. Kelsey asked so many times why she couldn't be normal like everyone else in her family. Call the Governor's office @ (1-501-682-2345) tell them you support #change4kelsey....they know who Kelsey is. They are trying to make changes happen but they need to hear from us the people who live in Arkansas that yes,.. this is what we need and want to happen. Even if all you say is that you support change4kelsey...they will know what your wanting. Email them: this is the legislature that any bills will go to, them, tell them to attend to any mental health changes for,.. CHANGE4KELSEY.  And in the meantime sign this petition and share it. Make the change happen,..for Kelsey,.. for you, for those suffering.

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