Increase inclusivity of LGBT+ students through Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

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How many times have you been terrified to use the bathroom? Imagine being in an environment where to simply go to the restroom felt like your safety was being compromised. This is sadly a reality for 1 in 4 students who identify as LGBT+. 74% of LGBT youth are verbally harassed because of their sexual orientation, and 55 % are verbally harassed because of their gender expression. Furthermore, the most vulnerable place where people, especially transgender students, are targeted is in bathrooms around their school, and in other public spaces.

As a transgender student, I find it incredibly disheartening that I, a fellow student, is seen as a "threat" when using the bathroom. I am simply another person, just like you. And just as you want to feel safe when you are in public, so do I. Is that truly too much to ask for? 

This is an issue which can easily be lifted with the addition of Gender-Neutral/Unisex bathrooms. We live in a world that is changing in more ways than one - it is time that we get the safe environment we are promised, and that means advocating for a safe environment for everyone. So please, help us as New Zealanders strive forward into a world where we are all safe and supported.