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Be Kind charity’s $50k offer to fix wrecked building rejected by TCC.

A charity looking to restore an abandoned building at Riverway has complained about difficulties dealing with Townsville City Council.

TOWNSVILLE City Council has rejected a charity’s $50,000 offer to fix up and take over one of their run-down, unoccupied buildings in the Riverway precinct.
Not-for-profit organisation Be Kind was founded by Amy Simmons with the goal of reducing the stigma around mental health, uniting communities and inspiring acts of kindness through workshops, events and community focused projects.

Searching for a stand-alone building to base her charity, she stumbled across an abandoned, vandalised building at the Riverway precinct and began negotiating with TCC to secure the space.

“They mentioned that it wasn’t in their budget, they had no plans to use it and it was uninhabitable due to the damage and it would cost $50,000 to repair,” Ms Simmons said.

“I asked if I could to come up with the $50,000 could they hold the building for 12 months while I come up with those funds, then create it into this space where it’s open to all community to use and benefits the whole of Townsville.”

Initially responsive to the offer and suggesting a walk-through of the building, she said TCC backtracked saying they “lost the key”, the building couldn’t be put on hold, the repairs would go out to tender before refusing to provide further information citing “confidentiality”.

“It’s been a bit of a s---storm with them to try and get it up and running,” she said.

Be Kind’s efforts to secure the building was backed by Herbert MP Phillip Thompson, major community players and the general public.

“The only thing getting in the way is council. (They’re) not communicating openly about what the actual goal is with our building,” she said.

Deputy mayor Mark Molachino said council appreciated Ms Simmons’ passion and desire to establish a new community space in Townsville but said her criticism was unfair and council had been responsive to her requests. (MARK HAS NOT ONCE MADE CONTACT WITH AMY OR BE KIND; ALL OTHER STAFF SEIZED CONTACT ONCE MEDIA WAS INVOLVED)

He said council was still reviewing the future use of the space and needed to act in the best interests of all ratepayers.

The site was also the subject to pre-existing commercial arrangements. Another complicating factor was a decision to relocate the Thuringowa Library to Riverway, with community engagement about the future design having implications for the site.

Already 4 weeks have past since this story went public.

What's changed?

The politicians story.

1 week later after this story went public stating that there were a need for community engagement due to a possible relocation of the Thuringowa library; we found out that they had/have absolutely 100% NO INTENTION of moving the library to this specific building.

This building is officially nothing for the next 12 month; so the Townsville City Council will continue to lie to you; and why should you be pissed off?

You're more than just a 'rate payer' as the council would have you believe. YOU are a human who deserves to live in a good town with opportunities; benefits and an over all healthier life.

Be Kind can provide so much more to the community with this space; yet those who were elected have let us down; have lied; and have done the complete opposite of benefiting the people. 

Please sign this petition so that we can let the council know where we 'the people', 'the community' and the 'general population' stand!

Let your voice be the change; for far to many in charge are out of touch.

256 have signed. Let’s get to 500!