Citizens Demand Vote on Seattle City Council's Decision To Implement FTE "Head Tax"

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Seattle City Council has chosen to implement a $275/FTE "Head Tax" without the vote of its citizens. This decision will not only negatively impact the City and threaten its current thriving economic engine (e.g., Amazon, Boeing, etc.) but will subsequently hurt the local housing market and, therefore, all local citizens' bottom dollar. This is yet another decision made by the Powers That Be in Seattle without the consultation and direct approval of its citizens.

The citizens of Seattle, King County, and Washington hereby demand a citizen vote (included jurisdictions to be discussed later) on this issue that stands to make a such huge impact on our State's economic well-being. This "Head Tax" is tantamount to taxation without appropriate representation of The People. Such an intrusive decision made without consultation and approval of The People is not representative of the democratic ideals of the City Charter, State and national Constitutions. 

The voice of the Citizen has not been heard. Only if a referendum vote is conducted for the citizens to ultimately make this impactful decision by means of self-determination will then the voice of The People actually be heard.