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I want to provide solutions to Rebuild Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.

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The Caribbean islands have suffered massive devastation due to natural disasters like hurricanes that have blanketed our islands into darkness, and as a result have created substandard living conditions for the US citizens of Puerto Rico, Cuba, and US Virgin Islands.

After the destruction of Puerto Rico electrical grid by two powerful hurricanes Irma and Maria it would be ideal to reinvent how Puerto Rico produce its energy. These tragic events could present us a great opportunity like never before. Puerto Rico electrical grid and production plants are old and antiquated. This is the time to become energy independent of fossil fuels. Puerto Rico will rise, green like an emerald in the Caribbean Sea. 

We the people request to move towards a greener environment that is more sustainable overtime, guaranteeing a focus on rebuilding and a quicker economy recovery.

We ask to implement two larger scale solutions:
1. Power- we want to implement Elon Musk power solar grids as was implemented in Samoan island, Ta’u, to be installed All over the island of Puerto Rico, Vieques, and Culebra. Governor Rossello has shown openness to the integration of this technology.
2. We also ask that every home has The Power pack invention by Maj Bhargava, inventor and founder of 5 hour energy, this would serve as back up solutions.
3. Reduce pollution by implementing systems to transform natural waters and into clean drinkable water. Solution invented by Maj Bhargava.
4. Implement process of “organic fertilizer” given by Maj Bhargava for free on the internet. It can be created in 18 days and this would help our people to grow our trees, flora, and organic food.

We need a strong foundation from which to stand and build up. It’s time to stop talking about awareness and get inspired to make global change.

With power and savings on diesel we can focus on economic growth, reducing costs that are passed to our humble consumers. With natural fertilizer projects we can grow our food, recreate our flora, and bring our nature back into existence, which in turn will help our animal habitat rehabilitation. With natural clean water systems we can be healthy, grow our crops and trees and spend less as consumers so we can be focused on building our economy. With these solutions our hospitals will always be operable, our children can have safe schools and medical care, and our elderly can live a better life.

It is time to do something. Be a part of the solution. I am fully committed to see these projects implemented not only for Puerto Rico, but also for Cuba, US Virgin Islands and the Caribbean.
We the people are willing to work hard to implement these systems.

We ask ... let’s turn these islands into green environments where we can flourish and we can have the power to rebuild our economy. ��� Puerto Rico se Levanta and we will also hold hands with the world and the islands that are our brothers and sisters and lift them too.

We are United States Citizens looking for global change to facilitate the rebuilding of our birth country we are so proud of and hold dearly in our hearts.

Best Regards, Let’s Be a Part of the Solution. 
Glenda Castro in behalf of the Island of Puerto Rico.

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