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Lower the class sizes at R.H. McGregor

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We, the parents of grade 4 students at R.H. McGregor are extremely concerned for the learning of our children as the class sizes range from 30-35 students. The Ontario Education Act states that the maximum class size for TDSB junior grades should not exceed 23.24 students ( The EFTO also agrees that “The regulatory requirements are that boards must have a board average of 24.5 students for Grades 4 to 8” (

Our children’s learning is the number one priority to us. Research on the issue of class size and student learning supports our desire for smaller class sizes. “Teachers have always known from their own experience that small classes provide better learning environments but now the most reliable research studies have confirmed the benefits for students of small classes. The most consistent benefit is the improvement in outcome measures of reading and mathematics achievement. Children seem to learn the concepts of these two basic skill areas at a better rate in small classes. Learning gains in literacy and mathematics are significant and lasting. Benefits seem to be greatest for children in the Early Years (K-4), for children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, and for students with special learning needs” ( Seeing as R. H. McGregor consists of children from all levels of socioeconomic background and learning styles, it is the best interests of all students in the class for there to be an appropriate number of pupils as recommended by the Education Act.

It is our expectation that the class sizes at R.H. McGregor be reevaluated and the grade 4 class sizes be reduced to the Ontario Education Act expectations.

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