Stop 4-H from teaching children cruelty. Children should be able to make their own choices

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At present one of the programmes available for children to do in their first year at 4-H is the 'Market lamb' project. This involves bringing a baby lamb into the world, nurturing it along with its mother through thick and thin, through illness of both/either, getting up at all hours of the night for feeds, and then the eventual sending to market around . The child is advised the reasons for sending to market but can you really expect a child who has never brought up a farm animal and who is only a young child of less than 10 years old to understand the implications of what will happen next, let alone not get attached in the year before this happens. 

You have to ask yourself why the child is being put in this horrible situation in the first place. You can see the look on the childs face in the following situation as he has to part with the lamb. He feels he has to do this or he will let his parents down and will look like a failure yet his parents are full of glee. 

Why is the programme stopped at this stage? Surely if the children are meant to know what 'happens in the real world' they should see this through to the final process. If they are not prepared to do this then this option should not be there in the first place. 

4-H do so much good work in preparing children for 'the real world' and the aim of this campaign is not to slander this, just to maybe think a little more about the fact that not all children are the same. The look on this child's confused and extremely upset face proves that. 

Animals are not here to be used by humans and teaching young children this is 'normal' just because it is the way of the majority of parents/adults is wrong. If this is one option then there should surely be a counter option living say a vegan lifestyle as another option. 

Here is a real situation doing the rounds on social media at the moment which will explain this situation first hand from the lads parents.